Saturday, August 14, 2010

Update, um, for the update...

We are back in Gloucester at Thousand Trails until August 25th.  We extended our stay here instead of traveling to Quinby, VA on the eastern shore since that would have been a prohibitive 4 hour drive to Richmond to see Val's sister Joanie.  We drive in to see her about every other day.  Joanie's progress is very slow, and as you can imagine for someone with a major stroke at age 42, she has her good and bad days.  We are still hoping for a great recovery!
It's been almost 4 months since my knee surgery in Florida, and I talked Val into hitting the ball around on the pickleball court here.  I had my snazzy, ocean blue carbon fiber knee brace on and it felt so good to hit some. But then two other people came, and I made the (STUPID) decision to play a little with them and not move quickly.  Uhhh, no.  Not in my competitive DNA.  10 points in I took a quick step forward and realized that this was a bad idea.  I was fine after some Advil and ice, but the doc was right.  Six months is the rule, and that's what I will do.  On a good note, we've been working out at the police academy twice a week, and the larger weights have really helped me rehab my knee. And we are back to riding the BMW again!  It feels great!

We get asked all the time how we like traveling and retirement.  We love both, but as I have expressed before, life can throw you some curve balls.  My knee injury was a setback and canceling our west coast trip due to Joanie's stroke was disappointing but the right thing to do. Despite what has happened, we both feel so fortunate that we can experience this lifestyle at our age, and we have no doubts about our decision.  We are meeting great people who, like us, have travel and adventure in their blood.

We have had the family house on the ocean at Fenwick Island  for 28 years and have never had the chance to spend more than a week or so at any given time.  Now that the renters are out for the summer, we've decided that since we're retired and still on the east coast, we should take advantage of the situation and live at the beach for a month.  It's not the west coast like we planned, but we really can't complain much, can we...

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