Monday, August 16, 2010

A rare occurrence...

I reckon it had to happen someday, but we've been so fortunate in our eight months of retirement.  Yes, we finally came into contact with a true assh..., um, well, jerk.  I was here at the Thousand Trails Gloucester preserve and was driving past the camp store where a family was eating their ice-cream.   As I passed them, the "jerk" screamed for me to slow down.  I was doing 8 mph, much slower than most people go through the park, really slower than the golf carts that zoom around, but also admittedly 3 mph over what they ask.  So I stopped, yelled sorry for going 8 and started to drive away when he made another comment which was too much for my former police ego to take.  I backed up and said that I had apologized, but that 8 wasn't a horrible crime. He didn't want anything to do with an apology and said that my speed was more than 50%!! over the speed limit.  By this time I was seriously considering beating the sh.., um, stuffing out of the guy, but Val's calm voice saying that it wasn't worth dealing with the assh..., um, jerk made me stop.  So I shook my head and drove away with my blood pressure quite a bit higher than normal.
Since yesterday, I've thought long and hard about this little incident.  On one side I still feel that I should have put him in his place.  But I also feel fortunate that this was the first jerk that we've met in all of our RV travels.  And when you think of it that way, we're very lucky indeed.  Showing restraint and turning the other cheek was the right thing to do. It made us better people.
But he's still an asshole...


  1. GREAT story :) Yes, there are people like that, but fortunately it's not every day as my blood pressure would be very high too!! I wish you could've cuffed him :)

  2. A follow up to your story, Bill. I was so curious while I drove home last night, that I "sped" through my village at 8mph. I was crawling and if I had gone any slower, the truck would have been stopped. That guy is definately an a#@$hole :>)