Friday, November 4, 2011

Southern California & Arizona

Our time in sunny southern California (and now Arizona) has been occupied with preparation for the USAPA nationals starting next Monday.  Dean and I have been playing our best pickleball of late and have high hopes that we will do well in the tournament.  The top players in the sport will be there so we are also prepared to have it be a learning experience.  Wish us luck.

Here are a few pics from thee past couple of weeks.  This is a morning view from our site near (you probably guessed) Palm Springs.

A young black crested night heron that waited patiently outside our rig each morning.  The lady that had our site before us had fed it.

Our first time seeing a road-runner.  A curious fellow as well.

The newest addition to our our RV family.  This is Lola, Dean and Margie's 4 month old Maltese.

As we arrived in Palm Desert, the clouds were rolling over the mountains from the west.  

And finally, the sunrise from our campground in Buckeye, Arizona this morning.

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  1. As usual, your pictures are awesome. As an animal lover I particularly like LOLA!! Best of luck to you and Dean in the Nationals. Have fun... and rememer the soft game!