Thursday, March 24, 2011

Minnows and Gators and Otters, Oh My.

Our friends Dennis and Judy stopped by Tuesday to ask if we wanted to go down to the Peace River to fend off alligators and look for sharks teeth.  We've seen lots of people in the water with shovels and screens, but we've never done it.  So I grabbed a shovel and headed down to the water.  Judy lent me her floating colander to help sift each shovelful that I dug up as she and Val sifted by hand.  Dennis and Judy definitely were better at seeing the sometimes small treasures that were mixed with the rocks and debris, but I did manage to find a couple of pieces and one almost whole tooth.  I also found the small piece of bone in the picture.  The large bone was found by Dennis.

Of course since there are alligators in the river, you always want to watch your surroundings.  As Dennis and I were digging by the far bank with all its vegetation, there was a splash about 5 feet from us.  We both jumped a little and stared .  Dennis tossed a small rock to see if anything stirred, but nothing moved.  We kept watching and finally saw what it was.  A gator? Nope.  A playful otter poked his head up and swam by us.  Very cool.
Thanks to Dennis and Judy for inviting us.  We'll definitely do more when we return.

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