Wednesday, February 9, 2011


Yesterday we were asked by some friends if we play Court Whist.  I've heard of Whist but never played it and definitely never heard of "Court" Whist.  Turns out it is a fairly simple card game played with partners like bridge or pinochle.The big change is that there is no bidding involved.  The trump suit is determined and you don't have to trump if you don't have to.  So off we went at 7 last night to play Court Whist with 46 other players.  The fun part was that your partner and opponents change after 4 hands are played so you meet new people all evening.  And there are variations in how the trump card is selected and how each hand is played.  There are four hands where there are no trump and you try to lose each trick.  At the end you get your opponents score.  That was a tough one.  And of course my hands with the most high cards were during this segment.  Arghh.  Then there were four hands where you couldn't say anything at all.  If you did, you were penalized 3 points.  Someone at my table made that mistake.
Through the night each person keeps track of his or her score and the top five scores at the end of the night get a part of the pot (everyone puts a quarter in at the beginning).  Oh, and the loser gets his quarter back.  Val and I were neither the winners nor the loser.  But it really was fun and we'll be back next week.

And I'l leave you with an early morning scene from our rear window. 


  1. Darn. This is my third post and I am still not sure you will ever see it. Not sure about the post comment bar "select profile" so go anonymous.
    Any way posted on your gasket tale from long ago not realizing when I go through Google it throws me in your site any random spot. So I cleverly wrote another comment on your question about going to Alaska only to realize I still was not current so now this. Holy moley I wonder if you will ever see any of these.
    Anyway we hope to see you two sometime at the lake but if Alaska is in the future then maybe next year. Love to you both. Rick